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No Hypervisor. No Co-Tenancy. Always On-Demand.

Introducing Bare Metal 2.0

  • Fully Dedicated

    With Packet bare metal, there are no noisy neighbors, shared resources, or hypervisors to gum up the works and impact your workload. Your dedicated servers are 100%, well...yours!

  • Automation First

    Our bare metal platform was built for an API world. In addition to deployment tools like Terraform, Rancher, Containership, Cloud66 and Tutum we support AWS-style metadata and cloud-Init.

  • 8 Minute Deploys

    A single gaming server? A full Marathon cluster? No sweat! Since 99.9% of our installs deploy in under 8 minutes, you can now tap into bare metal servers just like the public cloud.

  • Hourly Pricing

    All of our services - from servers and block storage to elastic IP's - are billed on an hourly basis, allowing you to burst up or down quickly. Monthly / annual commits available as well.

  • Next Gen Network

    Our purpose-built network is 100% IPv6-ready with no sluggish overlays, allowing us to offer features out of the box that other providers can't or won't: Anycast, BYO-IP, and elastic addressing.

  • Developer Friendly

    We put on our developer hats and re-thought physical infrastructure: GitHub style project & team support, an elegant API, leading integrations, and AWS-compatible meta data.

  • Choose Your OS

    Deploy in minutes with your favorite operating system. We support CoreOS (alpha, beta, stable), Ubuntu 14 LTS & Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6/7, and Debian 7/8. Windows, Rancher, and others coming soon!

  • Bandwidth Alliance

    We help users avoid internet gridlock (and save serious money) through a unique connectivity partnership with CloudFlare, Fastly and others. Meet the Bandwidth Alliance Program!

  • Group by Project

    Manage and collaborate on infrastructure just like you do with Github projects. No more shared passwords or multiple account logins! Added benefit? Projects define your private network by default.

  • Built for Production

    We built our platform to support demanding applications in production. Everything from the power feeds in our data centers to the NIC's in our servers are selected with this in mind.

  • Curated Configs

    Our configurations satisfy the most common workload needs at killer prices. Big, cheap storage? Lots of I/O? Cost effective ATOM server? We have all your workload demands covered.

  • Container Ready

    We think container technologies are a big deal, and are changing how applications deploy at scale. That's why we built Packet to support containers from the very beginning.

Integrates with Modern Cloud Tools

We offer the first bare metal cloud that developers can manage. View all Integrations

  • Platform 9
  • Docker
  • CoreOs
  • Cloud66
  • Tutum
  • Terraform
  • Containership
  • Rancher

Your Infrastructure is Now Collaborative

Create unlimited projects. Transfer ownership as needed. Forget about shared logins.

Collaborate on Your Infrastructure Like a Pro
Your Infrastructure is Now Collaborative

Use the flexibility of our projects-based system to do work for multiple clients, to involve adhoc team members, or to develop and hand off POC's of your own product.

Built for the Next Generation of Production Workloads

But don't take our word for it.

Packet's platform is a natural fit for Rancher, and we're excited to bring this new infrastructure option to our users.

Shannon Williams

co-founder at Rancher Labs

Packet's ability to consistently deploy bare metal in 5-10 minutes is a huge win for our customers, and their modern API with cloud-init support made for a smooth integration.

Borja Burgos-Galindo

co-founder and CEO at Tutum

Fast provisioning times and a modern API have made Packet an exciting option for ContainerShip users who are looking to deploy containerized workloads that demand high performance and throughput.

Phil Dougherty

co-founder and CEO at ContainerShip

Our containers are so much faster after moving to Packet's Type 3 servers that it feels like going from dial-up to broadband.

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg

Co-Founder / CEO at Zivtech

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