ZeroStack Offers a Self-Driving Cloud Experience

ZeroStack looks and feels like public cloud, but with the performance, ease of use, and control of on-site cloud architecture. With ZeroStack and Packet bare metal, users can:

  • Convert bare-metal servers to private clouds within 20 minutes using ZeroStack’s cloud operating system (Z-COS).
  • Reduce operational costs by 90 percent using self-healing architecture and ZeroStack’s Z-Brain cloud-based monitoring and learning software.
  • Make data-driven decisions for your data infrastructure and software applications.
  • Provide self-service to developers and lower your development cost and time by 60 percent.

The Lowest Cost VM/Hour

Lowest TCO through 90% lower OpEx, a single license and use of standard servers

ZeroStack offer the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for VM's