We Open Source



The Linux Kernel Organization is managed by The Linux Foundation, which provides full technical, financial and staffing support for running and maintaining the kernel.org infrastructure.


CNCF Infrastructure Lab

Packet donates infrastructure to support the CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL), which provides free access for open source developers working to advance cloud native computing.


Works on Arm

Works on Arm is a collaborative project between Packet and Arm to expand the ecosystem for Armv8 in the datacenter through a combination of build infrastructure, ecosystem development, and outreach.

Tell Us Your Story

Packet is fully committed to the mission and vision of open, portable software. We put our infrastructure where our mouth is, and are happy to discuss how we can help you
Build a Better InternetTM. Just drop us a note via help@packet.net and we'll go from there.

Some of the Open Source projects we support: