Silicon Valley (SJC1)

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our SJC1 facility is the perfect gateway to major West Coast cities. Nestled among rich carrier hotels and connected via our own dark fiber, SJC1 offers the best connected bare metal in Valley.

Why choose Silicon Valley?

  • Awesome routes to West Coast end users and Asia, all while staying inside the U.S.
  • Rich connectivity to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver
  • Great for local dev/test environments or SaaS services that cater to Silicon Valley developers
  • Direct interconnection to leading CDNs and public cloud providers

About the Facility

  • Awesome Location

    Our facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, with rich connectivity to every major carrier hotel on the West Coast and low latency access to millions of developers and end users.

  • Scalable Design

    Our facility is in Phase 1 of a multi-phase datacenter build out, allowing us to grow our bare metal compute offering without lengthy lead times.

  • Private Racks Available

    SJC1 can support dedicated Packet Private colocation racks, allowing heavy users to mix on-demand bare metal from the Packet platform with dedicated, colocated equipment.

  • Direct Interconnection to Major CDNs

    Packet's unique Bandwidth Alliance utilizes direct interconnection to major CDNs such as CloudFlare and Limelight to improve performance and lower costs for our users.

Working with Packet has been a joy. They're able to handle our complex global anycast network and BGP peering requirements. We look forward to expanding to every future location they offer.

Mike Schroll

Co-Founder & CTO @ DNSFilter

As the world's leading DNS & traffic management platform, we require access to high performance network capacity across the globe.  We've found Packet's on-demand bare metal compute and API controlled networking features to be the perfect tool to scale our global delivery network.

Jonathan Sullivan

SVP of Operations @ NS1

With their 'no overlay' bare metal cloud platform, Packet has taken pure Layer 3 network automation to the next level.  We're thrilled to work closely with Packet and see Project Calico users build scalable virtual networks on top of bare metal.

Andrew Randall

CEO @ Tigera

At, we're collecting, processing and storing millions of data points per second for our global customers.  Packet's NVME-powered bare metal servers and global availability zones give us the horsepower we need to power our SaaS monitoring and metrics service.

Raj Dutt

CEO @ raintank

Test Latency and Throughput to Packet's SJC1 Location

We believe in transparency in our network.  Feel free to hit our download files or monitoring our public endpoints.

Not sure how to setup your own test?

Check out this Help article for doing throughput, latency and availability checks on public cloud providers.