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Frankfurt, Germany FRA1

Frankfurt is at the apex of connectivity for Germany and Europe. That's why we're there as well.

An Emerging Internet Hub

Located in the Frankfurt am Main complex, Packet's Frankfurt footprint is smack in the center of digital business in Germany and Europe. As one of Europe’s leading financial centers, and a major hub for banking, commerce, and manufacturing, Frankfurt is the perfect spot for an Edge site.

With access to more than 600 carriers/ISPs in the complex, FRA1 is also located in the home to the core infrastructure of the DE-CIX Internet Exchange. For users concerned with data sovereignty, Frankfurt is fast becoming a “must have” pin on the map, and we’re excited to serve both local and international needs from this top tier facility.

Location, Location, Location!

We've positioned our datacenters in key cities next to lots of hungry eyeballs and built a richly connected, high performance modern backbone to connect them all.

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