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Amsterdam, NL AMS1

Located in the most connected datacenter market in Europe, our AMS1 facility is perfect for reaching the European Union, while also providing good access to Russia, Nordic countries and the African continent. With connectivity to the largest Internet exchange in the world and located in the newest datacenter in Amsterdam, nothing beats the Packet AMS1 bare metal cloud for connectivity, value and stability to Europe.

Why choose Amsterdam?

  • Perfect for reaching 100+ million European Union users
  • Awesome routes to emerging markets in Africa, Russia and beyond
  • Strong legal and privacy framework for all Internet businesses
  • Only 75ms latency to NYC or 50ms to Moscow
  • Direct interconnection to leading CDNs and public cloud providers

Location, Location, Location!

We've positioned our datacenters in key cities next to lots of hungry eyeballs and built a richly connected, high performance modern backbone to connect them all.

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