1647 bare metal hackers can't be wrong. Join our public Slack channel for support, gossip, and more!

A Bare Metal Cloud, Built for Developers

We're developers at heart (mainly Ruby and Go, if you like that kind of stuff), so we brought the automation of the cloud to bare metal. Cloud Init, a powerful API, the latest OS's, and leading integrations like Terraform and Ansible. Oh and we have a handy public Slack channel.

Production Features

Our stack is fully redundant, top to bottom, from the power feeds in our racks, to the dual NIC's in our servers connected to redundant top-of-rack switches and redundant Juniper core routers – you get the picture.

Features, Without the Clutter

We've re-thought how to interact with your infrastructure. Packet knows you don't work alone, so we support teams, multi-user collaborations, grouping infrastructure by projects, and fluid delegation of those pesky billing relationships. In short: we’ve SaaS-ified hosting. 

Modern Workload Ready

We support a wide range of container ecosystem platforms out of the box, including CoreOS, Rancher, Docker Cloud, Jelastic, ContainerShip, Docker Machine, and many more.

Trusted by Names We All Respect