For Developers

Production Features

Our stack is fully redundant, top to bottom, from the power feeds in our racks, to the dual NIC's in our servers connected to redundant top-of-rack switches and redundant Juniper core routers – you get the picture.

Features, Without the Clutter

We've re-thought how to interact with your infrastructure. Packet knows you don't work alone, so we support teams, multi-user collaborations, grouping infrastructure by projects, and fluid delegation of those pesky billing relationships. In short: we’ve SaaS-ified hosting. 

Modern Workload Ready

We support a wide range of container ecosystem platforms out of the box, including CoreOS, Rancher, Docker Cloud, Jelastic, ContainerShip, Docker Machine, and many more.

For Platforms

Fast Deploys

We're bringing the price to performance benefits of traditional dedicated servers to the cloud. To do that we're stealing something from the playbook of the virtualized clouds: near instant installs and the expectation of always available, always successful.

Single Tenant

At Packet, everything is dedicated, nothing is shared - so you know the resources you are paying for will be there when you (and your application!) expect them to be.  Stop bending over backward engineering around the performance problems of the shared public cloud and enjoy the performance and stability of dedicated servers and network.

Hourly Pricing

While we love monthly and annual commitments (seriously, call us!), all of our servers and add-on products are billed based upon hourly usage.


Just like the Github model, Packet lets you organize your servers within a project. You can invite collaborators to your project to work with you on servers in that project.

No Lock In

Everything we sell - from our high end commodity servers to our block storage solution - can be taken home to your own datacenter.  Et voila, no walled garden!

Curated Configs

Modern web applications rely on a wide variety of services, and we've done our best to design our server types to satisfy almost all of them.

Major OS's

We offer all modern Operating Systems, including stable versions of Debian 8, CentOS 7, Ubuntu (14 LTS & 16.04), FreeBSD (10.3 & 11), Container Linux by CoreOS (alpha, beta and stable), RancherOS, Scientific Linux 6, Windows Server 2012, VMWare ESXI (5.5, 6.0 & 6.5) and NixOS.

For Enterprises

Perfect for Burst and POC's

Leverage the Packet control plane to tap into automation features and previously only available in the public cloud.  Perfect for POC's of your own platform, or for burst usage.

Trusted Compute/TPM

We've placed a TPM chip in all of our major servers, and worked with providers like CoreOS (Tectonic) to deliver authentication up the stack - from the base hardware to the operating system.

Single Tenant, Secure, & Production Grade

Our platform combines the best of public, virtualization based public cloud with the best of colocation to create a powerful infrastructure platform that is both secure and convenient.  Private racks and on premise deployments are also available.

Private Deployments

With Packet’s SaaS-based control panel, API and automation suite, you can supercharge private bare metal resources in your own datacenter. Seamlessly burst into Packet’s public cloud.