Welcome to Cloud 2.0

We think of cloud infrastructure like building blocks - highly flexible, programmable and scalable chunks of compute and storage.  Whether you're a cloud native developer running Docker, an at-scale SaaS platform with billions of pageviews around the world, or a security focused bank hooked on VMWare, we designed Packet from the ground to meet the demands of your workload.

For Developers

We're developers at heart (mainly Ruby and Go, if you like that kind of stuff), so we brought the automation of the cloud to bare metal. Cloud Init, a powerful API, the latest OS's, and leading integrations like Terraform and Ansible. Oh and we have a handy public Slack channel.

For Platforms

With ondemand, hourly pricing and no multi-tenancy, we think Packet is perfect for nimble, fast-growing SaaS products. But we're biased. See how our single-tenant platform can help you drive down costs & reduce complexity while increasing performance.

For Enterprises

If you wake up each day thinking about private clouds, nested virtualization, ESXI, custom images, or advanced networking, then you're in the right place. We also love to deploy POC environments in minutes, and offer both "on premise" and private deployments. Woot.


Got a Problem? Let's Call it an Opportunity.

Packet is the perfect partner for a variety of uses cases that shine on bare metal,
but often struggle on top of multi-tenant clouds like AWS or GCE.  

In Cloud 1.0 you had to choose between either dedicated servers (performance and power features, but at the cost of automation) or virtualized, big box clouds (multi-tenancy and vendor lock in) - there was no middle ground.   With Packet, you get the best of both worlds: a highly automated ondemand infrastructure solution with no Layer 2 vlans, forced multi-tenancy, or hypervisor tax. 

Integrations: The Infrastructure Equivalent of Friends with Benefits

Cloud & server management used to be the domain of IT operatives and sysadmins. More and more, infrastructure is controlled by software, not people. That's why we've worked hard to become the most integrated bare metal platform on the market.