Edge Computing for a Cloud
Native World

Introducing dynamic infrastructure for portable workloads.

We've gone and increased our global footprint to 15 locations (with more on the way).

The mission? To support latency specific applications like IoT, virtual reality, and self-driving cars of course.

Each new regional edge location features a single "Type 1E" bare metal configuration and our full collection of carrier-grade networking features. Huzzah!

Location, Location, Location!

What they say in real estate is even more relevant when it comes to network performance: location, location, location.  But more than just reducing latency, Packet's Edge Computing expansion is about providing developer-style access to dedicated hardware at a global scale.

Add these elements together (dedicated physical hardware, uncongested network, and 15 global locations) and you have a unique infrastructure underlay that until now has been accessible only to internet giants or those willing to stitch together an expensive network of colocation facilities and providers.

Interested in our new locations? Let's talk!
  1. 15+ Global Locations

    We've deployed our network and bare metal platform to the "football cities" of the world, enabling low latency access to hundreds of millions of users. What's next? Think Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and London.

  2. One Powerful Bare Metal Configuration

    You can't put all the things in all the places all the time. So we've started with a powerful general use server that we're calling the Type 1E. Need something custom? Let's talk!

  3. Uncompromising Network, Full Control

    The purpose of moving closer to eyeballs and users is to deliver packets to them, so we've extended our powerful and fully automated network stack globally.

  4. Variable, Demand-Based Pricing

    In concert with our Edge Computing launch, we're deploying our own internal spot market for bare metal. If you have portable workloads, you can get access to cut-rate bare metal around the globe.

Ecosystem & Customer Quotes

The next wave of internet infrastructure, coupled with low latency, high speed 5G connectivity, will power everything from connected IoT devices to self-driving cars and augmented reality experiences. We believe that the developers building these are hungry for distributed, un-opinionated and yet fully automated compute infrastructure.

When we started Algolia almost 5 years ago, we were committed to delivering the fastest search experience possible. This meant we quickly expanded our infrastructure to over 40 colocation facilities around the world and added more over time. Packet's focus on putting bare metal close to hundreds of millions of people is perfectly aligned with ours and enables us to build a better service, not manage hardware.

Adam SurakDirect of Infrastructure at Algolia

At Hatch, we’re on a mission to reinvent the mobile entertainment industry with instant access to games and a zero-latency multi-player experience. Packet’s distributed network helps us to power a revolutionary experience for our customers and build the future of cloud computing together.

Juhani HonkalaFounder and CEO at Hatch

Packet’s edge platform is a breakthrough for us and for our customers. The combination of flexibility and consistent bare metal performance, along with carrier-grade networking features like global BGP and the ability to easily bring our own custom IP space, allows us to launch new Dedicated DNS networks and other critical application infrastructure in minutes.

Kris BeeversCEO at NS1

With rapid growth in the Internet of Things, compute is becoming more distributed and moving further out to the edge. Access to fast and reliable infrastructure is essential. By providing dedicated hardware-agnostic compute at the edge, Packet enables the IoT ecosystem to deliver more capabilities, faster performance, and improved reliability.

Bryan HalePresident at Resin.io

At section.io we care about the performance, speed and reliability of websites and are building the tools to help your application work beautifully everywhere. With Packet, we’re able to deliver on that vision by getting access to raw infrastructure within milliseconds of users around the world.

Daniel BartholomewCTO at Section.io

Ready for the Edge?

We're gating access to our edge product and locations for a few weeks to handle demand. That being said, we're ready and open for business, so drop us a note and we can get you access as soon as possible!