Packet is pleased to support Project Calico’s container network automation throughout its bare metal cloud platform, enabling highly performant, secure and scalable network automation for OpenStack, Docker, OpenShift, Mesos and Kubernetes.

Calico’s pure layer 3 approach to networking is attractive to our automation focused customers, enabling instant route propagation of IPv4 and IPv6 address space.

Using Calico on the Packet platform, clients are able to manage security policy and container address portability on Packet’s native IP backbone, without the performance bottlenecks and operational complexity of other available options, which require an “overlay” of tunnel encapsulation on top of the physical network. Container applications can span multiple datacenters or routed boundaries on the Packet network, with IP addressing propagated using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGPv4).

Unlike many overlay solutions, Calico’s use of IP routing protocols leverages technologies that have proven effective over time, at Internet scale. This approach presents a unique option that’s elegantly simple, and yet powerful.