Apache Mesos is the open-source distributed systems kernel at the heart of the Mesosphere DC/OS. It abstracts the entire datacenter into a single pool of computing resources, simplifying running distributed systems at scale.

With DC/OS, you can easily deploy and run stateful or stateless distributed workloads including Docker containers, Big Data, and traditional apps.

Running DC/OS on Packet
Packet and Mesosphere have worked together to help make deploying a DC/OS cluster on Packet bare metal easy and within 10 to 15 minutes.  

While there are many ways to install DC/OS, we have provided Terraform templates to configure running Mesosphere DC/OS on Packet. Depending on the DC/OS services that you install, or the amount of computing power your workload needs, you might have to modify the templates to suit your needs. You can modify the Terraform templates, but Mesosphere cannot assist in troubleshooting.

If you require support, please email help@packet.net, visit the Packet IRC channel (#packethost on freenode) or consider the Enterprise DC/OS.