How does Packet compare to IBM Softlayer

SoftLayer, now part of IBM, built one of the first automated IT platforms in 2005.  Since then, the company has expanded to offer a large array of shared and dedicated hosting solutions, platform services and now, with the direction of IBM, more enterprise cloud services.  

What We Have in Common
As a start, both companies were founded on the concept of automating dedicated servers.  SoftLayer's innovations a decade ago paved the way for widespread adoption of dedicated servers, especially in enterprise markets.  Packet was founded with a similar vision, albeit in a much different technical and business landscape - where success is measured in minutes and not hours or days.

SoftLayer and Packet both offer high-end dedicated servers backed by a global IP network. 

How We Differ
Packet's aspirations are much more focused -- instead of offering every IT and server configuration known to (wo)man, Packet believes in prioritizing availability and consistency over customization.  Packet bare metal is delivered in <5 minutes, on-demand and powered by rich cloud-config formatted user data for elegant automation.  We elevate simplicity in pricing and in our API to provide powerful compute building blocks to modern, cloud-aware developers.

Instead of a complicated order form that feels like an IT manager's dream circa 2005, Packet favors a simplified workflow that can be accomplished via web, mobile, API, or orchestration technology.

Features Side-by-Side

Packet IBM Softlayer
Simple, Hourly Pricing No
No Monthly Commit No
Anycast, BGP and Custom ASNs
High Availability Network and Power
Super Fast SSD's & NVMe's No NVMe
Deploys in Minutes No
IP Backbone Network
Full, Native IPv6 Support
Dedicated Hardware
Fast, Easy to Use Control Panel No
Cloud-init Compatible Metadata Service No
CoreOS Support No
Developer Friendly RESTful API No