Block Storage Service

  • Persistent, easy-to-use and highly scalable
  • Deploy, attach, resize and move volumes via API or portal
  • Support for snapshots, both “one off” and scheduled
  • Choose from two performance tiers
  • Simple hourly pricing with no IOPS charges
Block Storage Service

With Packet's elastic block storage service (available in EWR1, AMS1, and SJC1) you can provision a persistent, high performance block device and easily attach it to any of your server instances.  

This multi-tenant service augments existing in-server physical media (SSD's, NVME flash cards and SATA disks) and features advanced capabilities such as snapshots, expansion up to 15TB per volume and a choice of two performance tiers.  

Snapshot pricing is consistent across performance tiers @ $0.000104/GB per hour.

$ 0.000104 /GB per hour

500 IOPS per volume

Good for backups and general use cases

$ 0.000223 /GB per hour

15,000 IOPS per volume

Excellent for I/O heavy workloads


Create & Connect

Packet makes creating and connecting block devices to your servers fast and easy. Via our portal or API, you can create a standalone block device or do so during server creation. Additionally, you can choose to connect an existing block device to a server. And with our open-source iSCSI agent, managing block devices on Linux bare metal hosts is almost fun!

Create & Connect
View & Manage

View & Manage

While many users will deploy only through our API, or via integration partners like Terraform, we've done our best to make the experience of creating, attaching, and managing your block storage devices a snap.  The key?  Well we think it's a combination of not too many options, and a simple, clear interface.  Let us know how we're doing!

Straightforward Pricing

With every product and service we offer, our aim is to keep pricing simple and focus on delivering clear value for your infrastructure dollars. While some providers offer a zillion options, we are starting with two tiers that we think will cover most use cases: a standard performance tier ($.000104/GB per hour) for everyday storage needs, and a performance tier ($.000223/GB per hour) for workloads that need more IOPS.

Straightforward Pricing