Licensed Software

  • Enterprise Operating Systems
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • ...and more coming soon!
Licensed Software


With Virtuozzo on Packet, you can deploy containers, VMs, and storage across four global Packet locations to scale into new markets or add capacity to serve customers with expanding needs – pay only for what you need.

There are two different software products available on Packet: the core Virtuozzo 7 hypervisor for containers and VM's, and Virtuozzo Storage:

  • Virtuozzo 7 - $0.12/hr per CPU (unlimited Containers/VMs per physical node)
  • Virtuozzo 7 Storage - $0.034/mo per GB for the first 100GB of licensed storage, and $0.0125/mo per GB above that.

Learn more about deploying Virtuozzo on Packet here.