GPU, FPGA and other accelerator focused use cases.

x1.small Formerly the "Type 1e"

The x1.small is the "I Can See My House From Here" server - built for the Edge, but with a twist.

In addition to a solid 32 GB of RAM, and a fast SSD, we've boosted the networking setup to 10 Gbps NIC's (thanks to Intel X710 NICs) and replaced the processor with a flexible 4 core (8 hyperthreaded core) E3-1578L, which can burst to 3.4Ghz and includes an integrated graphics accelerator (the Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics P580).  

Iris Pro Graphics P580 is an integrated graphics processor introduced by Intel for high-end Skylake-based processors. This GPU is Skylake's highest tier GPU incorporating 72 execution units as well as a large 128 MiB eDRAM of cache.

Deployable in 11 Global Locations

  • IAD1 (Ashburn, VA)
  • ATL1 (Atlanta, GA)
  • ORD1 (Chicago, IL)
  • FRA1 (Frankfurt, DE)
  • HKG1 (Hong Kong, HK)
  • LAX1 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • SEA1 (Seattle, WA)
  • SIN1 (Singapore)
  • SYD1 (Sydney, Australia)
  • YYZ1 (Toronto, ON, CA)

Supported Operating Systems

CentOS 7

CoreOS - Alpha

Custom iPXE

Debian 9

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu 17.04

Ubuntu 17.10

Windows 2012 R2 *

Windows 2016 Standard *

*Indicates an operating system that incurs a per-hour licensing charge.