Our Passion is Bare Metal

We've designed our server configurations to power the most common & demanding workloads at unbeatable prices.

Type 0

Tiny but Mighty

Our Type 0 is the perfect fit for that little job that just doesn't require the power and resources of our larger servers.
Type 1

The Workhorse

Our general use application server is stocked with dual Enterprise SSD's, 32GB of fast ECC RAM, and 2 x 1Gbps ports for smooth sailing.
Type 1E

The Edge Node

The Type 1E (for Edge, of course) is our server at the edge! Its integrated GPU processor, dual NICs for throughput and redundancy, and reasonable price make it a perfect fit for those latency specific use cases.
Type 2

The Virtualizor

We believe building your own private cloud shouldn't mean waiting for hardware. To meet the demand for private cloud and large compute + memory workloads, Packet has created the perfect all purpose virtualization server.
Type 2A

The ARMv8

Imagine that you could take advantage of 96 cores for just $.50/hr?  What would you do?  Well, that's why we created the Type 2a - and Armv8 powered beast of a server with datacenter quality components from top to bottom, built around a dual socket Cavium ThunderX SoC.  
Type 3

High I/O Monster

With blazing fast NVMe flash, this bad boy delivers 450k read IOPS per drive and is backed by 128GB of the fastest RAM on the market.
Type S

Scale Out Storage

Our scale out storage server is stocked with a pair of zippy E5-2620 v4 processors, 24 TB of HDD's, 960 GB of enterprise SSD's for caching, 128 GB of ECC RAM, and dual 10Gbps network ports for lighting fast data transfer.