Self Service BGP & Anycast

  • Packet projects support both local BGP (within a datacenter) or global BGP (across the Packet network)
  • You can use popular BGP speakers such as Bird, ExaBGP or Quagga to control your BGP advertisements
  • Natively supports pure layer-3 based network plugins like Project Calico
  • Use Packet address space or bring your IP space to our network
  • Quick setup and then fully self service from our portal for management
BGP & Anycast

Packet Understands BGP

BGP is a fundamental building block of the internet, and is the mechanism by which core backbone internet routers know where to route IP packets. Companies of varying sizes - usually ISPs, cloud providers like Packet, and large companies - will acquire IP ranges, e.g., register an ASN, and then start announcing BGP to the internet via the IRR. 

Part of Packet’s value prop is automating core network/compute/storage to provide optimial value and performance to our users.   To encourage this, we offer a unique self-serve BGP feature that allows customers to specify an active server instance as announcing BGP.

Once enabled, we treat this active server instance as a BGP “neighbor”, and announce to the IRR that your selected IP ranges should be routed to us. We will then in turn route that traffic to the active server instance.

Global BGP Using Anycast

($0 Setup / $0 Per Month)

Customers who have their own ASN (/24 or greater) can announce it on the Packet platform and use Anycast to intelligently route traffic at scale.

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Local BGP

($0 Setup / $0 Per Month)

Local BGP is designed for IP failover or portability within a single Packet datacenter and uses Packet IP space.

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Design a Global DNS Network

Use Packet's global BGP service to operate a distributed and highly available DNS network for your customers.  This can serve as a secondary network in conjunction with popular managed DNS services (e.g. NS1, Dyn, etc) or perform your own primary DNS needs.

Use Advanced L3 Networking

Leverage the powerful pure L3-based networking and policy from Project Calico on Packet's public cloud.  Calico works with popular projects such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker.

Create HA Setups

Use BGP locally to perform IP mobility or failover in a local Packet datacenter.  This can provide a simple and transparent way to create an HA load balancer or application service.