Congestion-free global delivery with clear pricing.

Congestion-free, premium global delivery with clear bulk pricing.

Packet combines the benefits of the cloud with the performance of dedicated infrastructure.

Our unique automation technology enables the consumption model of the cloud - always available, programmable, and scalable - but without any underlying virtualization or forced multi-tenancy.

The major public clouds constrain network performance with high egress fees and limited visibility.  Not us.  We offer "colo style" network capability, including premium bandwidth through our global anycast IP network.  

Kick the tires and email us about bulk bandwidth pricing. We'd love to talk shop.

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Clear, Simple Bulk Pricing

Americas / EMEA Commit  Price Per GB
0 - 49 $.05
50 - 99 $.03
100 - 249 $.025
250 - 499 $.015
500++ custom

Packet offers both tiered and custom bandwidth options. While our tiered option is currently only available for committed usage (ping us to arrange it), we are transparent in our discounts so you know what you're getting into.  Note: bandwidth pricing in Asia is always higher - as such any bulk pricing offer will be adjusted based upon traffic in that region.

If you want to access custom rates based upon volume or other needs, we'll work with you to create a package. Generally, it makes sense for us to chat if you plan to push more than 250TB, or you have particular regional or business concerns.