Private Deployments

The customization options of a private datacenter, paired with the automation experience of our public cloud.

Do you require specialized hardware or greater control over your deployments?  Maybe you love our Type 2 but need double the RAM, or have an ongoing use case for GPU's or FPGA's?

If so, Packet offers a Private Deployment option that gives you the benefits of full platform automation, with the ability to customize hardware to your exact needs.  We lovingly call it "Cloudy Colo"!

  • Your own private rack, in our datacenters.
  • Available in all of our global locations.
  • We provide and maintain the hardware and network.
  • We support hardware from Dell, Supermicro, Quanta, and more.
  • Requires a contract, lead time, and some setup fees.
Sound good?  Let's talk!