Deployment Options

With Packet, deploying bare metal infrastructure and advanced networking globally is a breeze.  We offer four deployment options, so you choose (or mix and match) the best for your workload.

On Demand

The automation and DevOps experience of the cloud, but with the benefits of dedicated hardware and pro networking features usually only found in colocation.


Reserved hardware offers the flexibility of deploying from our public cloud but with the guarantee of getting the exact same physical hardware each time.

Spot Market

Packet's Spot Market provides you with access to discounted bare metal compute through a dynamic marketplace.   Set the conditions of your bid, and submit!

Private Deployments

Get customized hardware like you would in colocation,  but without the hassle and all the automation.  We call it "Cloudy Colo"!

When Cloud 66 customers asked about running containers on bare metal, Packet was the obvious choice. They offer best of breed functionality when it comes to combining the power of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud.

CEO at Cloud 66

Packet's platform is a natural fit for Rancher, and we're excited to bring this new infrastructure option to our users.

Shannon Williams co-founder at Rancher Labs

You've saved us thousands of euros this year from what we were wasting on Heroku + AWS.

Grant McLendon Web Developer, UI/UX at Rights'Up

Packet's ability to consistently deploy bare metal in 5-10 minutes is a huge win for our customers, and their modern API with cloud-init support made for a smooth integration.

Borja Burgos-Galindo co-founder and CEO at Tutum

Our containers are so much faster after moving to Packet's Type 3 servers that it feels like going from dial-up to broadband.

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg Co-Founder / CEO at Zivtech

Fast provisioning times and a modern API have made Packet an exciting option for ContainerShip users who are looking to deploy containerized workloads that demand high performance and throughput.

Phil Dougherty co-founder and CEO at ContainerShip

Jelastic's cloud hosting providers choose Packet for its speed and ease of infrastructure deployment, and flexibility of network configuration. Compared with other IaaS players, Packet's advanced features are provided at an impressively lower price.

Ruslan Synytsky Jelastic CEO