The Bare Metal Cloud You've Been Waiting For

8 Minute Deploys. Always Available. Premium Bandwidth just $0.05 / GB.

From $0.07 / hr


Smaller instances, aimed at dev /test, controller nodes, etc.

From $0.40 / hr


Compute focused, with a modest RAM footprint.

From $1.70 / hr


Memory heavy, with a generous RAM to core ratio.

From $1.50 / hr


Scale out boxes for affordable, high storage scenarios.

From $0.40 / hr


GPU, FPGA and other accelerator focused use cases.

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Deployment Options

Packet currently offers four deployment options to help you manage and deploy infrastructure at scale.  All of our deployment options are available in 15 global locations, and come with our full automation and networking stack.

What's Right for You?

  1. On Demand

    The automation and DevOps experience of the cloud, but with the benefits of dedicated hardware and pro networking features usually only found in colocation.

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  2. Reserved

    Reserved hardware offers the flexibility of deploying from our public cloud but with the guarantee of getting the exact same physical hardware each time.

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  3. Spot Market

    Packet's Spot Market provides you with access to discounted bare metal compute through a dynamic marketplace.   Set the conditions of your bid, and submit!

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  4. Private Deployments

    Get customized hardware like you would in colocation,  but without the hassle and all the automation.  We call it "Cloudy Colo"!

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Network Services

Packet offers a variety of deployment methods to suit your needs.  From our global public cloud to private installations, our expertise in bare metal automation enables unmatched performance.
  • Bandwidth

  • IP Addressing

  • BGP & Anycast

  • Interconnection

  • Custom ASN

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Add On Services

Supplement your Packet servers with our add on services, which are available on demand and by the hour.

  • Block Storage Service

    With our elastic block storage service, you can provision a persistent, high performance block device and easily attach it to any of your server instances.

  • Licensed Software

    Packet has a flexible licensing feature, making it easy to deploy enterprise operating systems, storage software, and private cloud solutions. Bring your own, or rent directly from Packet.

  • Trusted Computing

    Validate and trust individual node and cluster integrity, even in potentially compromised or even hostile data center conditions. A processor-based, tamper-resistant environment compares key server components to previously known, trusted states prior to booting.