The Web Performance Junto

The Junto is an exclusive networking club created by Packet and modeled upon the gatherings hosted by Benjamin Franklin in the 1700's. Our focus is web performance and our members include leading technologists, operators, financiers, analysts and policy experts. We gather 6-8 times per year, moving our meeting from city to city so that we can engage with (and benefit from) the leaders in our space. 15-20 members meet at a private dining room for the evening, allowing for great conversation to be paired with excellent food and drink.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June, 2016 Super Secret Italian Joint

We're gathering the internet brain trust in the glow of Hashicorp's EU conference.  Mark Coleman (of hacker marketing firm Implicit-Explicit) has secured a wonderful spot, and we're excited to convene to discuss the topics of the day!

Interested? Reach out to Zac
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