We are Passionate about Building a Better Internet

This is why we started our company, and why we get excited to come to work each day.  It's what drives us to stretch the boundaries of technology, and to find ways to learn from people all over the world that are innovating in this space.  It's also why we invest in local partnerships like Coalition for Queens and Black Girls Code, and why we've gone looking for new employees at Radio Shack.  We look for ways in which we can collaborate with ambitious, community-minded people who care deeply about building a better internet.  Got an idea?  Make sure to reach out!

  • The Web Junto

    What better way to grow our company, improve our product, and generally get the word out than by convening the smartest people who care about web performance on a regular basis? 

  • Packet Bots!

    We are building an army of bots. Bots which we send into the wild to collect information about the status of our network, our devices, and the health of the internet in general. 

  • NY Tech Supports

    A few months after founding our company, and still a few months from deploying our product, we gathered the New York City tech scene for a party with a purpose.  In addition to providing a "coming out" of sorts for Packet, we asked everyone to chip in and help raise money to help support the good work that Coalition for Queens is doing in nurturing a new generation of tech leaders.  We raised over $10,000 and had a great time!