Senior Systems Engineer

Engineering, New York City or Remote

Packet is the global leader in automated bare-metal infrastructure, and is seeking a Senior Systems Engineer to assist in building, deploying, iterating, and maintaining its core platform. You are expected to be well-versed in the intricacies of automating infrastructure and should have a deep understanding and passion for all things server-related.

Packet is working hard to automate “layer 0” - the physical layer, yet our tooling and APIs are geared for developers operating at a higher “layer”. As such, you should be familiar with container-based deployment, modern engineering approaches such as SOA and CI, as well as developer tools such as git and docker.

What You’ll Be Doing

In this position, you’ll be personally responsible for the successful development, iteration, and deployment of many of the core Packet services - booting, images, rescue environments, network automation, CI/CD, microservices, and our core API. We have adopted a microservices-based architecture for our core platform, and as such you will be interacting with many asynchronous systems and should be comfortable navigating a complex systems and network environment.

Tools We Use

  • Ruby, golang, python, bash
  • Docker, CoreOS, Rancher
  • Terraform, chef, ansible, saltstack
  • Slack, github, shippable,

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